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6 Vacation Supplies You Should SHIP Instead Of Pack

By Melanie Donahoo

The school year is winding down, and Elsa finally let go of this year's eternal winter, which can only mean one thing—summer vacation is coming! Summer vacation means summer vacationing, but I think we can all agree that ... Read More

Family-Friendly Spots in the Cayman Islands That Few Tourists See (But Locals Love)

By MiniTime

Without a doubt, Grand Cayman’s Stingray City, Turtle Farm and Seven Mile Beach are exciting family attractions ... Read More

Planning a Family Vacation – When Should You Begin?

By vacationkids

This graph explains how to save a ton of aggravation and money on planning a family vacation. It's a quick visual of when 60 million students in the US will be out of school and taking family vacations. It's why you need to plan ahead when planning your next family vacation. Let that num... Read More

Science Says: Less Is More In Toyland

By kara

Picture this: Your three small children are quietly playing side by side with a transformer, plastic pony, and a set of plush blocks, respectively. They’re focused and quiet, happy to enjoy their activities, occasionally sharing in an imaginative transformer+pony+block merger. Now open your ... Read More

Seville with Kids: Exploring Moors and the Flamenco with the Family

By MiniTime

In the atmospheric, old quarter of Seville, you can positively feel the throb of flamenco in the air. Andalusia is the heartland of flamenco, and this is evident in its stunning capital. Wandering bands of minstrels dressed in long, black capes and historic clothing serenade visitors, while the dist... Read More

7 Brilliant Ways to Find Cheap Flights

By MiniTime

For the seasoned traveler, there’s no greater thrill than booking a cheap flight. Visits to Asia, Europe and other distant locales for a fraction of the cost—what could be better than that? Better still, doing so allows you to splurge during your actual getaway. [caption id="attachment_5... Read More

Trending on Pinterest: 12 Tips for Traveling with Kids

By April Davis

We've traveled quite a bit this summer and it looks like we'll be traveling plenty this fall and winter with the holidays!  It seems there's always another road trip to look forward to with our children and we've found a few things that have worked amazingly well to keep everyone happy when we ... Read More

11 Ways To Give Your Kids Experiences, NOT Stuff

By Kalli Verbecky

The idea had been percolating around in my head for a while, the older our kids got the more STUFF they'd accumulated and I kind of hated it. I wanted to give our kids experiences over stuff but that's always easier said than done, right?  I think it started for me at Christmas this last... Read More

Science Shows How A Trip To The Beach Actually Changes Your Brain

By YourTango

This article originally appeared on YourTango. by Rebecca Jane Stokes Get there, ASAP. The ocean. A lake. A babbling creek.  Each body of water conjures a feeling inside of us even as we read the words.  You don't have to be an outdoor girl to acknowledge that spending t... Read More

Best Things to Do with Kids in San Francisco

By MiniTime

The Fisherman’s Wharf, the Golden Gate Bridge, Pier 39 and Lombard Street are among San Francisco’s most popular tourist attractions. But while these draw the crowds that descend upon the City by the Bay, they’re not necessarily ideal for kids. [caption id="attachment_52395" align="alignnon... Read More