5 Phrases That Will INSTANTLY Make Your Kids Stop Begging

By YourTango

This article originally appeared on YourTango. By Heather Steiger. Take back control! I was in the grocery store last week, listening to a multitude of beeps from scanners, when a new sound caught my ears. It was a kid, a preschooler, whining and begging for one of those baby bottle sucke... Read More

Decode Your Child’s Split Personality

By Parenting Magazine

By Andrew Postman, Parenting When she's not around you, your child may behave in a completely different way (read: more angelic). And, actually, that's a good thing. Several years ago, at preschool orientation for my then 4-year-old, the principal reviewed policy: safety, naptime, bathroom r... Read More

Learning to Deal with Frustration, Disappointment

By Susan Isaacs Kohl

Asked to share his reason for grabbing a red toy car out of his friend’s hand over and over, then crying when his friend grabbed it back, a four-year-old boy explained with a scream, “I want it!’ When I inquired about getting him an identical red car to play with, his eyes teared and he yelled... Read More