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5 Home Remedies for the Common Cold

By April Davis

As this winter season is starting to wrap up (I live in the glorious desert) I find that we're still coughing and sneezing a little more than I like.  I typically wait until it's serious to head in to the Doctor's office, so it's nice to have a few home-remedies to try first, in hopes that we don't... Read More

7 Things I Take Every Day

By Rachael Herrscher

I've had this post sitting in my drafts for awhile now, but recently a friend Alex Lawrence asked me to talk about health on a podcast that he does - so I finished this post up! You can hear that interview about health, family, and business HERE. You can check out and subscribe to his podc... Read More

Natural Solution for Hormone Imbalance + Giveaway

By Rachael Herrscher

If you ask me, hormones are to blame for the majority of physical irritations that we put up with as women. Whether it's PMS, mental health, headaches, acne, fertility, or fatigue there always seems to be a link back to what our hormones are or aren't doing. I used to get a laundry list of hormon... Read More

Strep Throat After Tonsillectomy

By Erica Fehrman

When I had my tonsils taken out over two years ago, the doctor said I probably wouldn't get strep throat again.  It turns out that the word probably was more important than I realized, and I don't fall into the probably category very often. The key to Strep Throat is the word throat.  Sinc... Read More