Can Goat’s Milk Help Toddlers with Sensitive Tummies?

By Guest Post

As a mum, you naturally want the best for your child when it comes to care and nutrition. So, it can be devastating when you find that, despite your best intentions, your baby is not coping with certain food stuffs or has a bad reaction after feeding. Of course, breast milk provides all the n... Read More

Good News! Going Pure for Baby Just Got Easier

By kara

This post is sponsored by Pampers. This post is sponsored by Pampers at Sam’s Club. Is there anything better than brand new baby skin? I remember holding my son those first few days, even months, and just staring in amazement at its incredible smoothness. It was unbelievably soft, completely... Read More

The Basics of Love Show and Tell

By kara

This post is sponsored by Pampers at Sam's Club. The opinions and text are all the same. (See the end of this post for info on how you can score a $10 eGift Card when you spend $50 on eligible products at Sam's Club!) I find myself telling my son I love him approximately 854 times a day. I c... Read More

Win Free Cord Blood Banking

By Erin Caserio

This post has been sponsored by CBR®. Preserving your baby’s stem cells is an amazing opportunity for your family, where you can save your baby’s stem cells at birth so that they may be available and potentially help them take advantage of future health treatments. The umbilical cord, whi... Read More

5 Things You Need to Know About Cord Blood Before You Deliver Your Baby Sponsored by CBR®

By Erin Caserio

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Cord Blood Registry.  Never has there been a time in my life when I was as full of questions as I was when I was pregnant. Even on my second go-round, I was still the lady showing up to my doctor’s appointment with a page of scribbled questions. Enter... Read More

Life After Birth: 5 Ways to Take Care Of Yourself

By Whole30 Healthy Mama, Happy Baby

Check out part one and part two of our series of frequently asked questions on postpartum mood disorders. We are offering an exclusive discount to Today's Mama's readers. Enter code HMHBLOVESTM to take $40 off a lifetime membership to our program. In our two-part series on postpa... Read More

4 Things to Brave Cold and Flu Season with a Baby

By Erin Caserio

My first baby accepted medicine like a CHAMP. My second baby? Clamped his lips closed like it was his sole purpose in life. Then, if I did manage to get him to take it, I had about a 50% chance that he was going to actually swallow it. He was a big fan of spitting. Try tracking that dose. S... Read More

Moms, Get the Big Stuff Right

By Guest Post

Every mom worries about failing her kids. We wonder what we will do if our kids turn against us, grow up to hate us or end up disliking their lives. These are natural worries, but these fears can drive us crazy.  They can also drive us to focus on minor details, hoping that if we can control... Read More

The Most Accurate Labor Simulation Video I’ve Ever Seen

By April Davis

As a doula I'm constantly answering some of the most random and personal questions about childbirth, women's health and people's most private parts.  One of the most popular questions first-time-mom's ask is "what does labor feel like?"  That is such a difficult question to answer, but the... Read More

3 Nourishing Whole30 Recipes for the Postpartum Mama

By Whole30 Healthy Mama, Happy Baby

We are offering an exclusive discount to Today’s Mama’s readers. Enter code HMHBLOVESTM to take $40 off a lifetime membership to our program. Recipes by Sarah Steffens, Whole30 in-house recipe creative Nutrition plays a big role in postpartum health. Pregnancy, labor and delivery... Read More