Free Batman Mask and Activity Printables

By Rachael Herrscher

Do you know that Saturday, September 26 marks the return of BATMAN DAY, the celebration of the world's most popular Super Hero. In honor of the Caped Crusader, thousands of comic book shops, bookstores, schools, libraries and other retail partners will be featuring all things Batman from comics to ... Read More

Big List of Printable Grocery Shopping Lists

By Amy Allen Johnson

Do you love getting organized?  Once I get the kids back to school, it's time get myself organized.  With a little more time in my day, I can sit and create my grocery shopping list. Problem is, I have so MANY versions of a grocery shopping list that my system switches week to week.   Here a... Read More

Printable License Plate Game

By Erin Caserio

Right now we’re in the midst of back to school prep at our house, but we’ve also got a packed calendar of travel over the next few months. While I’m happy to live in the age of iPads and PBS Kids apps, I would like for my girl to experience the joy of road trip games. Particularly my old favor... Read More

End of School Time Capsule Questions Printable

By Erin Caserio

Back to school is a flurry of tradition and keepsake creation. I’m not a scrapbooker or crafter, but I’m all about  the first day of school photos, taken each year on the front porch before departing for the big day. The end of school is a flurry of another sort. We’re busy appreciating... Read More

Sweet Printable Lunch Box Notes

By Erin Caserio

Want to give your kiddo a midday burst of sweet sentiment? Oh sure, YOU know that you made that PB&J with love, but those wee people you share your life with will feel extra-special with a little note tucked along side those slices. Here are some sweet printable lunch box notes to download an... Read More

Back to School Clothes Shopping List

By Erin Caserio

I am the worst at shopping for clothes. Without a detailed list I can’t remember what I need. Hence my closet full of black t-shirts. (They go with everything!) This problem is compounded when I’m shopping for my wee children because just when I get their sizes burned into my brain, they hit ... Read More

Weekly To Do List Printable

By Erin Caserio

I know. I’m on a list kick. But this one is too good not to share immediately. A few months ago I started mapping out my weekly to do list, by day, as opposed to making one gigantic list on Sunday night. This has helped me wrangle all sorts of tasks that had been floating out in the wilderne... Read More

Chore Ransom Printable Idea

By Carina

We've all been there: so frustrated at the junk your kids are leaving everywhere that you threaten to throw all the toys out. Which is why when I ran across this idea to ransom their toys I almost cheered! What a great idea from Just Another Day in Paradise! A chore ransom for all that summer ... Read More

To Do for Fun Printable List

By Erin Caserio

Back in February, I realized that I’d become pretty consumed with crossing things off my to-do list. Laundry was getting done. Meals were planned. Floors were mopped. Dust bunnies were trapped and released into the wild. Things were cooking along pretty good, but I noticed that I we were in a r... Read More

Lunch Box Notes for Kids

By Rachael Herrscher

It's always a good time to brighten up your child's lunchbox!  At the first of the school year I was good about dropping little notes in their lunch.  As the year has gone on, let's face it, I've slacked.  We're into the hum drum of routine and rising from the embers of winter.  So in my opinion... Read More