Amazon Prime Members Save 10% at Whole Foods

By Melanie Donahoo

Did you know your Amazon Prime membership has more perks than two day shipping? In addition to free videos, photo storage, music, or being on a first name basis with every one of your mail, UPS, and FedEx delivery people (an unspoken joy of my Prime addiction), Amazon just announced Prime members wi... Read More

Science Says: Your Pregnancy Can Predict the Future

By kara

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, we obviously all have economics on the brain… Wait, that isn’t what you think of when you hear the word “mom”? Weird. Because it looks like motherhood is one of the best indicators of a healthy or lagging economy—here’s why. When people ... Read More

Want to Buy Happiness? Science Says Fork Over $95k

By kara

The exact amount varies around the world, but according to new research, the ideal annual income as it relates to an individual’s overall life satisfaction is $95k. Any more or any less, and you may be singing a different tune. Data for the study was pulled from the Gallup World Poll, with o... Read More

Get Ready for Grocery Delivery to Change Your Life

By Erin Caserio

If I told you I could save you… Time Money Tremendous Mental Anguish Would you be interested in having a chat? Okay, well pull up a chair because I have SOME KNOWLEDGE TO DROP ON YOU. I’m sorry for the shouty caps, but this was pretty big for me. Because I pride myself on effici... Read More

The Hidden Money Saving Hack for Families

By Erin Caserio

This is a sponsored post on behalf of FamilyWize. Motherhood has helped me hone a few skills in recent years. I’ve come to realize that a few key concepts have benefitted both me and my kiddos, mightily. Do your best to stay healthy. No, you don’t have to douse yourself in antibacter... Read More

7 Brilliant Ways to Find Cheap Flights

By MiniTime

For the seasoned traveler, there’s no greater thrill than booking a cheap flight. Visits to Asia, Europe and other distant locales for a fraction of the cost—what could be better than that? Better still, doing so allows you to splurge during your actual getaway. [caption id="attachment_5... Read More

Want Alexa to do your laundry? Now she can!

By Debbie Gisle

Alexa can tell you what the weather will be, play your favorite song, schedule calendar events, and now she'll be able to do your laundry! Sears just recently signed a deal with Amazon and announced they plan to sell Kenmore-branded appliances on  Sears also said Kenmore Smart ap... Read More

Amazon Is Hiring 5,000 Work From Home Positions

By Rachael Herrscher

Want to work from home? Amazon might be the right place for you! is hiring 5000 part- time work from home workers for it's Virtual Customer Service program. Perfect job for a stay at home parent? Maybe . . . especially if it comes with a discount! “There are lots of people w... Read More

Make Your Holiday Easy with Square Cash

By Erin Caserio

I’m pretty sure I’m not alone when I say that chasing people down for the money they owe you is a drag. Here’s a tool that makes it SO EASY. The holiday season is a flurry of exchange. Food. Hugs. Gifts. Money. That’s right. Money. There is always a check to split, a gift to ... Read More

To Tip Or Not To Tip: A Family’s Guide To Tipping On Vacation

By MiniTime

Tipping is not the universal truth we expect here in the US. One thing travelers, especially with kid in... Read More