Dry Hair Driving You Nuts? Add This To Your Routine

By Rachael Herrscher

var noskimwords = 'true';   Full Disclosure: I live in one of the driest climates in the United States! I'm in Utah and we literally rank #2 driest climate.  Yes, we even beat Arizona.     As you can guess, my skin and hair are DRY.  Well, I just found s... Read More

Do It Yourself Fashion—How to Be Your Own Dressmaker

By Guest Post

Have you ever seen an outfit in a magazine or on TV and thought “wow – that looks great, I wish I could have something like that?” Well, the good news is that dressmaking, i.e. making your own clothes, is really not as difficult as it might seem at first. Of course, you won’t want to try a f... Read More

9 Reasons I’m Giving Up Tampons For Period Panties

By April Davis

Check out our Facebook Live video and the post below to get the skinny about your unmentionables . . . menstruation, tampons, period panties, menstrual cups, peeing your pants - all the things! Buckle up, this is going to get awkward - we've tried them all! We need to talk about our periods m... Read More

Why I dumped my purse for a camera bag – ONA bag review

By Anna Shirley

I toted around a diaper bag for years. In fact, I had a diaper bag made especially for twins which, on long days could possibly exceed the airlines carry-on luggage limits. Before I shed my diaper bag, I began bringing my DSLR with me a lot. I tried to use the diaper pad to cushion the camera to pre... Read More

Do THIS to Save 5,800 Gallons of Water

By Rachael Herrscher

Did you know that donating a bag of clothes has the potential to offset 5,800 gallons of water by reusing rather than producing new? There's a brilliant organization called Schoola that makes your donation easy AND powerful. Check this out: Schoola is an online consignment shop that se... Read More

The DeEvolution of Man: Men in Skinny Jeans

By Rachael Herrscher

Our whole team is dying laughing over here! Man thighs simply weren't meant to be shrink wrapped in denim! Enjoy! ... Read More

Get 5 FREE Pairs of Baby Leggings!

By Rachael Herrscher

Use the promo code: TODAYSMAMA2 to get 5 pairs of baby leggings for FREE on!   Use them for your own kids or tuck them away for quick baby shower gifts - it's a great deal and they are adorable!    ... Read More

Christmas in July Swimsuit Giveaway

By Staff

Every December I tell myself that I’m going to knock out a little bit of my Christmas shopping the following summer.  I devise a strategy in my mind to shop the summer clearance racks, to hide away gifts in my parents basement, and to save myself some of the madness that ensues during the holiday... Read More

Giveaway: Welly Boots for the Whole Family!

By Rachael Herrscher

Is there anything better than a bright pair of Wellies on a rainy day? They are just waiting to get knee deep in mud or tromp through your rain filled street gutters, or on the more sensible side, run errands with you and keep your pants dry. But more adorable? Those bright Wellies on your little on... Read More

What Happened to Pants?

By Carina

In the latest case of Get Off My Lawn, I have to ask you something: what happened to pants? I don't mean they've disappeared, most people still have pants to wear, regardless of style or suitability. I'm not even talking about leggings as pants, because that's something else entirely. I'm asking ... Read More