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You are a fun, savvy mom who hasn’t lost her cool just because she started having kids…so are we!

You grew up with Atari and cell phones the size of handbags…so did we!
You can recite lines from Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, and pretty much any John Hughes movie ever made…so can we!
You’re looking for fun reads that remind you why you decided to reproduce in the first place and who you were before the offspring came along…so are we!

Today’s Mama is a group of creative moms who believe we aren’t just as cool as we were before babies, we’re better!

Our Motto: Changing diapers, minds and habits, sometimes all in one day.
We believe motherhood isn’t just a rite of passage, it’s a privilege laced with sticky fingerprints and more crumbling construction paper projects than you can shake a Wii controller at. We understand that motherhood rewards us with great power to shape tiny minds and hearts into decent, kind, spirited human beings, if only we could sleep for five more minutes.

What We (Love to) Do
Our vast network of mom bloggers in dozens of cities bring you ideas, experiences and solutions for making the wacky balance of work and family life easier, calmer, perhaps even better. We dish about the best places to go with kids, we offer advice on everything from potty training to fundraising, and whenever possible, we throw in fun stuff that’s just for moms, too. Why? Because we believe that every mom deserves the chance to host an HGTV-worthy dinner party (even if it’s just once a year).

“I feel like I have a huge advantage writing for Today’s Mama. The responsive, helpful team has helped me to get my work out to a huge audience, and the reputation that Today’s Mama has built earns me recognition and respect.” –Anna P. Shirley, Indy Mama

We’re also super tech-savvy moms (if we do say so ourselves) known to host some of the best blogger conferences around
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By the way, Salt Lake City is home to a whopping 35 percent of mom bloggers and has consistently ranked as a top 10 city for tech (we’re just sayin’!) startups

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